Skole Linux


What is Skolelinux?

Skolelinux is a complete tailored software solution for the needs of any educational institution or school. It is a ready computer system where your school does not need to piece together the components.

  • Skolelinux has an architecture customized for use within the educational sector.
  • Skolelinux is made to be simple to administer and maintain.
  • Skolelinux is a digital software solution enabling pupils to get their own user name and manage their own files and access web services.
  • Skolelinux is delivered with the office suite
  • Skolelinux is available in english and 42 other languages.
  • Skolelinux is delivered and can be ran as a supported service from Independent Software Vendors.
  • Skolelinux runs on both new and older hardware, enabling savings on client hardware with re-use of former workstations and their likes.

Skolelinux is a Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) from the Debian-edu team.

Skolelinux is a complete IT-solution that is easy to install, administer and keep updated for any educational institution with programs localized in the pupils own language.


Insert the DVD, answer three simple questions and Skolelinux is installed on the machine. Behind the simple installation are more than five years of thorough planning and fitting of services enabled and ready for use.