اردو متن کی عدم دستیا بی پر معزرت،    اردو ترجمہ کا متن یہا ں آئے گا۔

The Site5 Healthy Hosting Advantage

No Overloaded Servers: High-end servers, low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat

Our current hosting philosophy is based on guaranteed performance. While other hosts may try to cram as many accounts as possible on shared servers, we have used our years of experience and the technical analysis performed by our technical gurus to determine exactly how many accounts we should be putting on any given server. In addition, we are continually upgrading our hardware platforms to be among the best in the industry.

Each top-of-the-line server we now use could easily handle an insane number of clients, but we still keep the numbers low. It helps us sleep easier at night.

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