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Koha 3 Manual

Koha 3 Manual is under prepration, please see



This guide is meant for people brand new to Koha. This guide is for people that aren't on any automated library system whatsoever. That's right kiddies, it's for folks that covet stamper, card catalogue, and typewriter. We are old school. You might be a small rural public librarian like me, or you might be someone that has a big private collection that you want to keep tabs on.   read more...

MARC / Perl


What is MARC? The MAchine Readable Cataloging format was designed by the Library of Congress in the late 1960s in order to allow libraries to convert their card catalogs into a digital format. The advantages of having computerized card catalogs were soon realized, and now MARC is being used by all sorts of libraries around the world to provide computerized access to their collections. MARC data in transmission format is optimized for processing by computers, so it‘s not very readable for the normal human. read more    Download PDF   (Size: 134 Kb)


RDA: Resource Description and Access

RDA: Resource Description and Access is the new standard for resource description and access designed for the digital world. Built on the foundations established by AACR2, RDA will provide a comprehensive set of guidelines and instructions on resource description and access covering all types of content and media.   read more...


Live Demo of Koha

View and test Koha features on Live Demo Sites provided by Liblime. Try out the Koha OPAC at a real library's, Online Public Access Catalogue's (OPAC) read more...

MARC  Records

Free Sources for MARC Records.

Listed on this page are few selected free sources for MARC Records read more...

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