Koha 3 Manual


There are two parts to the System Administration in Koha.

System Preferences

Koha has an extensive set of system preferences. The system preferences control all the various features within Koha and whether they are active in your install or not. System preferences are generally set once at install and then not changed.

If  you are not sure what combination of system preferences to use, try using one of the sample profiles at install. Note: many preferences interact with each other. Turning on one system preference may require that others are also set.

System Parameters

System parameters is where library policies are set and governed. It is best to set your system preferences, and then to work through the Parameters in the order that they appear on this page.

Note not all system parameters are required to be set. For exampe if you do not plan to use budget based acquisitions, then Accounts and Budgets, Currencies and Exchange Rates can be ignored. For more detail, see the Koha Wiki (wiki.koha.org) and KohaDocs (www.kohadocs.org).