Live Demo of Koha

View and test Koha features on Live Demo Sites provided by Liblime.

Please use User ID = liblime and Password = liblime for both Demo sites.

Demo Profiled for Public Libraries

Koha ZOOM Staff Client - Public Library Profile

Demo Profiled for Academic Libraries

Koha ZOOM Staff Client - Academic Library Profile

Online Public Access Catalogue's (OPAC)

Try out the Koha OPAC at a real library. Take a look at some live OPACs >>

Academic Libraries

  1. Florida Southern College
  2. Polytechnic University
  3. Southeastern University
  4. Montclair State University

Public Libraries

  1. Horowhenua Library Trust    (This is the first library to use Koha)
  2. Kapiti Coast District Libraries
  3. Local Government New Zealand
  4. UNIDO Library
  5. Nelsonville Public Library System
  6. West Liberty Public Library

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